Luna G3 Auto-CPAP


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  1. Luna G3 Auto-CPAP with Built-in Humidifier
  2. Humidifier Chamber
  3. 6-Foot Heated Tubing
  4. 2 Reusable Foam Filters (1 Pre-Installed)
  5. Universal AC Power Supply with Cord
  6. SD Data Card
  7. Carrying Case
  8. User Manual
  9. 2 years manufacturer's warranty.

Features Luna G3 Auto-CPAP Devices offer:

  • RESlex ™ pressure relief on exhalation feature for increased patient comfort and compliance.
  • Leak compensation to maintain patient’s pressure and breathing synchronization.
  • Simple release water chamber for easier removal and cleaning.
  • Large capacity water chamber holds up to 350ml.
  • Large screens and easy to navigate menus for clinicians and patients.
  • Integrated heated humidification.
  • Event detection for apneas, hypopneas, snoring and central apneas.
  • Bilevel ST model offers Target Volume.
  • Heated Tubing standard on all Luna G3 Models.
  • FDA Approved.

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